Sweet Asmara Cafe

At the main street of Harnet Avenue there you see a beautifully animated Café “Sweet Asmara Café”. Over thirty six delicious and appetizing cakes with Italian cappuccino in the morning and English tea in the evening are always served there. Produced and Served by Italian educated and highly experts in the art of making pastry.

Sweet Asmara Café is a place of joy and entertainment, where you choose to hangout with your friends and family to share friendship and brotherhood in the main street of the lovely city Asmara. Apart the casual café service we also serve special wedding cake, birthday and party cakes as well.

Beside all of this, we have special services and packed cakes on our special events like Valentines Day, Christmas, and anniversary holidays.

We are always there to serve you and make our delivery just at your home, for any order or request please make your contact through the address written below

"Today's Beautiful Moments are Tomorrow's special Memories"


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