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We are ready all the time to make our service special and commendable to you dear customers. All of us with our hundred twenty affable waitresses are always there to bring you a splendid services.

For any order, you can meet us personal in our café or please make your contact through the address written below.

Sweet Asmara Café
Tel:+ 2911120020
GSM: 07112136 or 0711128
Fax :+ 291 125435Harnet
St.No 120/104
Asmara, Eritrea

Moderna Pastry Shop
GSM : 07112136 or 0711128
Fax :+291-1-125435
Harnet St.No 102/104
Asmara, Eritrea  


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"Today's Beautiful Moments are Tomorrow's special Memories"


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