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In the past few years, a number of coffee shops and pastries have been flourishing at Harnet Avenue (the city’s main road).

It is natural for a certain business or organization to outstand others. Impressed by the quality of services and warm hospitality of one of these shops, we have decided to inquire and share with you its experience and history. The name of the place is Sweet Asmara Café; it was opened on April 2000 by a family deported from Ethiopia.

The head of the family, the late Mr. Mesfin Kidane, who passed away in the year 2002, was working with an Italian pastry expert at Torino Pastry, here in Asmara, some 50 years ago. It was then that Mr. Mesfin mastered the art of pastry making. Later, he left to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and by the help of family members he managed to open a small pastry around ‘Piasa’ area. It was there that Mr. Mesfin became famous for his work. First, the place was called ‘Aboy Cake Shop’ and later ‘Mesfenie Sweet Adarash’, which was popular for its service. In short while, Mr. Mesfin became one of the experts who contributed a great deal in introducing sweet pastry to the community of Addis Ababa.

“Surely, it is Ato Mesfin and Ato G/tinsa who introduced the consumption of pastry to the residents of Addis Ababa” said one elder who had lived in Addis Ababa for a long while.
Mr. Mesfin built two more shops and started vending pastry in a modern way to above 36 other pastries daily.

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